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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gardening for Free

I had a plastic box like this.  It contained computer discs which we recycled but I did not know how to recycle the box.  I thought of lining it with fabric to turn it into a purse but I knew I would never do it and would never carry the purse if I did.

Yesterday, I took the box apart and cut it up into strips.  Most of the box was usable.  I cut each strip in half with a point on one end, and wrote the names of my "crops" on the other end.  Then I stuck the pointed end into my garden planters.

I have a bad habit of not labeling things which leads to a freezer full of mystery meat or a garden full of "is this a weed or a plant".  I am hoping the plant markers will alleviate the latter.  I am also hoping I got the right markers into each planter.

You can make similar markers from just about anything - popsicle sticks, paint stirrers, plastic strips cut from milk or juice bottles, even stones painted or marked with the name of the plant.  Here is a link to some great ideas for do-it-yourself garden markers.  I like mine best.  They were free.

Quotable quotes; in the category Yes, And I Get It!

"A garden always has a point."  Elizabeth Hoyt, author of The Raven Prince

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