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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I finished making this over the holiday weekend.  It's a patchwork furoshiki, or as the blogger where I found it called it, a quilted furoshiki.  Technically it's not quilted but I think it is lovely (hers more than mine).  Here is a link to her instructions.

A furoshiki is a piece of cloth used to tie up and carry packages, bentos, gifts or just about anything.  They can be made from silks or cottons and can be very plain and utilitarian or very lovely and luxurious.  Even a cotton bandana or silk scarf can be used.

I bought my first bento box many, many years ago after The Man and I dined at a Japanese restaurant.  Bento Box was on the menu - a lovely box divided into small sections, each holding a few bites of a variety of dishes - shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, pickles, rice, salad.  I bought The Man the bento box as a gift (he is impossible to buy for).  It was not the same as the bento box he was served, which looked like this.

His was the type more often used to carry a lunch to work or school and looked more like this.  The box has two tiers, which nest when empty.  When packed with goodies they stack one atop the other.  I also bought a length of silk fabric in colors to complement the box and made him a furoshiki (actually just by hemming the silk square).  The box and the furoshiki are put away somewhere but if and when I ever find it I'll use it to carry my own bento lunch, unless Mr. wants me to make one for him.

I enjoyed making this patchwork furoshiki and am working on another.  I found another link that used a similar technique with some variations so that's the version I am working on now.  Find the instructions at this link.

Once you have finished your furoshiki (or if you prefer, found a bandana or scarf you like) find an appropriate bento box.  This can be anything from a beautiful store bought box, a fun Hello Kitty box, a Tupperware box, a 50 cent Glad or Ziploc box intended for leftovers or even a Cool Whip container.  Pack your lunch in the box and tie it up in your fuorshiki.  Add a pair of chopsticks and you're all set!

Quotable quotes; in the category That's Why The Furoshiki Is Totally Reversible!

"The reverse side also has a reverse side."  Japanese Proverb.

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