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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Snail Mail?

It is getting cold.  A few nights this week we had to cover the potted plants on the porch when there were frost warnings.  I thought it best to bring the orchid back to my office window (it lived on my porch this summer as I attempted to evict the ant colony that took up residence in the bark chips in which it was planted.  I succeeded).

I brought the orchid to my office and placed it in the sink to give it a nice long drink.  When I went back to check on it I saw a little garden snail had crawled up one of the stalks.  Apparently he had moved in when the ants moved out and had been living in and dining on the plant over the summer.

I summarily plucked him from the plant and dispatched him posthaste.  He is an ex-snail.  He is no more (actually, he now lives in the soil outside my office and outside my plant - I do have a heart).

I wish I had taken a picture.  He looked kinda cute perched on the stem of the plant which, by the way appears much healthier now that he is living "alone".

Quotable quotes; in the category I Really Just Want To Get To That Plant!

"Time and patience would bring the snail to Jerusalem."  Irish Proverb

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