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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Joy June 24

Well, I did it again - got so busy I did not have time to post my joys. I'll reach back to the weekend and add what has happened since to bring me joy.

! While a little sad, it's also a joy that we finally had some trees removed. One was growing right up next to the house and could potentially harm the foundation, the chimney and the wall since it bumps the house on windy days. Three were apple trees I planted years ago. They were supposed to be dwarves but grew to over 10 feet tall, became crowded and never produced more than two apples that I recall. The rest were volunteer maples and an invasive Asian bittersweet that I planted without researching it first.

! I got many things planted this weekend, including a flat of flowers, some tomatoes, a cucumber, zucchini, and assorted herbs. While planting, a beautiful little cat came to visit me in the yard. I love cats and would have liked to adopt her but she was obviously someone's pet, so we reluctantly said goodbye.

! I did some decluttering in the house - a never ending goal - and got rid of some things that should have been gotten rid of years ago. Joy!

Quotable quotes; in the category You Can Have Joy If You Just Think About It!

"Oh joy! Rapture! I got a brain!" The Scarecrow from MGM's The Wizard Of Oz.

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