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Monday, January 14, 2013

It's A First

This post is a little overdue.  I guess I wrote it but never published it to my blog.  Probably I was too busy to upload the pictures to go with it.  So I am posting it now.  With Pictures!  PS this blog post was probably from early November as that is the publish date of my pattern.

Wow!  I just published my very first pattern ever.  I published it on Ravelry, the knitters & crocheters social media place.

It's a pattern for a wash cloth.  For some reason people love to knit and crochet wash cloths.  Or dish cloths.  I prefer to call them wash cloths (and use them as wash cloths).  Somehow dish cloths get grungy and grody in ways that wash cloths never do.  Better yet, call it a face cloth.  There, now it's genteel and refined.

I called it the My Pi wash cloth because I based it on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi method of increasing in a round, flat knitted piece.  By doubling the number of stitches, the number of rows between the increase rows also increases exponentially.  This lets the circle grow but still lay flat (knitting or crocheting around and around without increasing the number of stitches causes the piece to cup up). 

I like knitting pieces in the round because stockinette is my favorite stitch and knitting in the round requires only knitting, no purling (I and many other knitters do not like to purl.  Don't know why, it just is.  Or is not).

I made a few of these wash cloths for friends at work who were expecting babies.  I wrapped each one up with a bottle of baby wash and they made nice gifts.  They could also be given with a fancy bar of soap to a friend or as a hostess gift.

I am excited to have published my very first pattern, and to have 38 users add it to their "favorites" in its first hour on the site.  (Update - as of this date the number of favorites is well over 400)!!

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