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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not Much To Say

In the past few weeks I have started numerous new posts only to abandon them.  I don't  know what's wrong but it seems for once I have little to say.  So here are just a few items, not necessarily of interest.

One day a few weeks ago I was driving through my alley on the way to work.  An animal was crouched in the middle several feet ahead of me.  It did not run away so I slowed down.  I saw it was a hawk and boy did he seem annoyed at my being there.  He had killed a pigeon.  After looking around he grabbed it and flew off, no doubt to eat his breakfast in peace.  As cartoonist Gary Larsen observed, birds of prey know they're cool.

It snowed a few weeks ago.  As we came around the curve near the Forest Preserve by our house we noticed some cars parked at the side of the road (where there are usually no cars) and footprints leading into the woods.  Many deer were standing just a few feet from the road.  We often see deer at this location but usually only a few.  This time I think we counted 17.  It looked like a convention and the key note speaker was about to arrive.  We figured someone was taking their dog for a walk or perhaps sledding down the hill and the deer had gathered here to be away from them.  I know that's what I would do!

We have been keeping a bird feeder loaded with Niger thistle seed for the little finches for the past year or so.  Now whenever it gets low they let us know with calls and chirps.  And when it's full they feast on it like cats on a can of tuna.  What they spill on the ground is eaten by juncos and doves.  Everybody's happy.

Bill has reported seeing foxes and coyotes in the area where we usually see deer.  It amazes me that we live in a heavily populated metropolis and yet nature puts on her glorious show practically in our back yard!  If all the neighbors did not have barking dogs we might get a back yard preview as well.

Quotable Quotes; in the category But Then What Would We Put In Our Martinis?

"A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."  Carl Reiner

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