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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tico Tico Taco

We bought tortillas and avocados last week.  I wanted to eat them for once instead of having to throw them out, so I made a concerted effort to use them up while they were still fresh.  Tuesday seemed like a good night to have them for supper - there was nothing on TV worth watching that would distract me.  Bill had asked me to make him a quesadilla using his favorite green salsa.  I decided on veggie tacos for myself.  I had veggie tacos at a couple of restaurants and they were very good.  Problem - I did not know what went on a veggie taco.  Solution - peppers and onions.  I had also recently purchased a bag of those mini red, orange and yellow peppers at the market and likewise wanted to eat them before they became a science experiment in the fridge.

I decided beans and rice would be a natural accompaniment and would further allow me to "pantry shop" (code for look on the shelf and use it before buying anything more).  I have a friend who is sympathetic to my plight of an overstocked fridge and pantry.  She says her dad used to have an expression - "ten pounds of stuff crammed into a five pound sack".  An accurate representation.

I found a box of Rice-a-roni, Spanish Rice style, and a can of refried beans.  I diced half an onion for the beans and sliced the remaining onion for the tacos.  I sliced a half dozen of the assorted peppers and a leftover half tomato from the previous day's salad.

Diced onion and tomato went in the skillet for the beans.  Sliced onion and pepper went in a smaller skillet for the tacos.  A token amount of each went in the saucepan with the Rice-a-roni.  The cheese and tortillas, including green sauce, went in another skillet for the quesadillas.  The remaining tortillas were wrapped in a damp towel and placed in the oven in a casserole to warm through.

I somehow learned pretty quickly how to get everything ready at the same time.  For some reason, I don't have to do any math (unless it's Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner) to know when to put everything on so it will be done at the same time.  Lo and behold, just as everything was about done I sliced the avocado and squeezed a lime over it, dished up and had it all on the table at the same time.

Lemme tell ya, a schmear of refried beans and a spoonful of rice make a pretty decent taco all on their own.  Add a topping of seared pepper & onion and some dead ripe avocado and that's tasty!  The fact that there were enough leftovers to make a taco for a snack the next day is only proof that somebody loves me. Taco Bento anyone?

Quotable Quotes; in the category Don't Yell At Me I Only Live Here!

"Well would you mind telling me why there's Rice-a-roni in my coffee?"

Butter's Dad; South Park Season 12 Episode 14

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