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Friday, December 31, 2010

ATCs Again

A while ago I posted about ATCs (artist trading cards). I have been making and trading cards for some time now and recently displayed some of my cards, along with other paper crafts, at the nearby University library (where I worked up until a few weeks ago).

I have to tell you it was a definite thrill to be asked to "show" my art. As a performer I am no stranger to the stage but as an artist, well, I am still quite the novice. My sister, who really is an artist, was encouraging and supportive. "Do it", she said. And since there is no arguing with her, I had to do it.

She gave me advice on how to set up my dispaly. I included some hand bound journals I had made as well as some origami cranes and folded paper stars. On her advice I also included some of the tools and materials I use in making the ATCs such as sciccors, paint, colored pencils, rubber stamps, cutting knife and other tools. She was right - they made an interesting display. It was a strange sensation to know people were coming to look at the things I had made. As I had seen others do, I left a blank book and a pen in case people wanted to leave comments. Some did, all favorable.

Most exciting was the day I dropped in to leave the book and saw someone actually looking at my display. We chatted a bit and she asked me to contact her about leading a workshop. She had an idea the cards would be a good way for her students to express themselves. She wanted to coordinate making the cards with a reading program. Sort of a book report in trading card form. Sounded good to me and I agreed to contact her!

The library likes to keep a display up most of the year. In March, during Women's History Month, they include a display of works by women. Maybe I can show some more of my creations next spring

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"Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul - and you answer." Terri Guillemets

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